Five Reasons I Started A Handmade Business

Five Reasons I Started A Handmade Business

When one decides to start their own project or business, most decisions come with an emotional background. You decided to start this project for a reason (or many), therefore decisions often come with a personal goal that you set for yourself when you look at that big picture vision. For some people starting (or continuing) a business might have some economic foundation, for other people it might be a family commitment, or for others it might be just a matter of following dreams and goals they have been wishing for a long time.

In my case it is definitely the last one. My goal or dream is not only macramé, but the flexibility that can create for me as a person with many interests and as an artist. Having and running my own handmade business allows me to achieve the kind of lifestyle I always wanted.

My workshop is still developing and my store is slowly growing, but I can already see some benefits that keep me motivated to work towards my goals. Here are some of the reasons why having my own handmade business became something very enticing to me:

Focus on Mobility

It was never in my plans to attempt a business, let alone a handmade business. As a teacher, I was always moving around, going where a job was offered. Why not take the job with me instead of having a job take me elsewhere?

These days, I am all about being in environments I really want to be, a place where realistically in future years there will still be enough water to grow food and it won’t be too hot. Where I can focus my consciousness on sustainability and nature. It has been hard to grow my workshop moving around lately, from South America → US → Spain → Germany, and back to Spain, where I hope to remain for a while. But anytime I move, my workshop comes with me.

Low Impact Lifestyle

A big part of our environmental footprint that we humans leave behind comes from our everyday life decisions and moves: Getting in a car (sometimes even planes) to go to work, maybe getting a cup of coffee (in a single-use container) on the way, being in an office that might be using too much power, air conditioning or heating, etc. Having my own business allows me more flexibility in my everyday decisions and to focus more on reducing my environmental footprint.

Sustainable Work/Life Balance

“You need to work to live, not live to work.”

We have all heard this, but how many people know the theory yet struggle to put it into practice? I am one to blame for sure. Even now that I am working on my own project it is hard to let go, because if you don’t do it, then no one else will. Things that don’t get done today will stay there until tomorrow. But I need to remind myself that one of the reasons why I am putting effort into an independent business is to allow myself a better work/life balance. So if I am not taking care of myself, what’s the point of being your own boss?

An Inspiring and Enjoyable Workspace

When I was teaching, having my class ready during the first days of school was something very important to me. I needed to feel that coziness when walking in every morning. I wanted to feel comfortable in my place of work, then I could also transmit that to my students. Now I get to make my own work space just as I want it. My workshop is not always organized, but I have learnt to embrace the chaos and see it as a process of creativity.

Creating for Others

Creativity gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, time to focus and give in to our imagination, time to dive into our deep thoughts and feelings. For me, an amazing way to wrap up this process is to have other people enjoy what you have created. A handmade gift has meaning underneath: patience, dedication, an appreciation of other handmade gifts, etc. When someone purchases a product from my shop I smile inside and out! Not only people like what I make, but want to have it and appreciate it. This is rewarding and satisfying for someone who makes things with their hands.