It started with a backpacking trip through Latin America.

But let’s rewind. It was 2014 and I left my home country of Spain right after university to teach at an international school in Mauritania, West Africa. It was my dream job, teaching primary school to great groups of young learners.

But after a few academic years, I knew I needed a break to maintain a better work/life balance. My husband and I planned our itineraries and saved up our salaries to backpack a year from Mexico to Patagonia. But I never thought it would lead me to the world of handmade art and setting up my own online shop on my return. During this trip I had time to reflect on many aspects of my life, how I wanted them to change or stay the same. I had time to meet people, have fascinating conversations and time to explore the art of macrame. Through macramé I discovered a new form of mindfulness practice, a whole world of handmade art, and the opportunity to share what I love. Oh, and we never made it to Patagonia! In Peru, our puppy came into our lives and we decided to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Macramano is a store dedicated to all of those experiences. Macramé is now a part of the balanced lifestyle I want to lead. Now, back in Europe I have more time to

  • dedicate to myself and the people I love
  • experiment with new vegan recipes
  • direct my steps towards a more sustainable and conscientious lifestyle.
  • practice a low-waste life

You can see my art on Instagram, and feel free to contact me through email!

Thank you for reading, being part of this, and welcome to my blog. 

— Patricia