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Brought by the Arabs to Europe a thousand years ago, the word macramé actually has Persian origins in the word makrama, meaning knot.

Here, you’ll find all the reasons why my passion is to give personality and soul to all the creations I make using this ancient and multi-variant technique.

I invite you to visit my small artisan corner in the time you spend visiting your imagination, valuing and appreciating all the work done by hand. All the pieces you will find in Macramano are unique, some more customizable than others, but all are original and unique. Each creation requires time, patience and love.

Macramano is sustainable art:

  • We use materials produced locally in Spain by companies with employees with decent working conditions.
  • Animal products are not used.
  • Because all the materials in the workshop are also obtained ethically and, whenever possible, supporting other artisans.
  • Packaging is ecological, without plastics and often with recycled products such as cardboard.